Video: March 2015 To The Contrary Appearance

I appeared as a panelist on this week’s episode of To The Contrary, and discussed the 20-year anniversary of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, assessing Hillary Clinton’s leadership for women’s rights, and whether a war on women continues. You can watch a video of the show here:



  1. Reblogged this on OUTLOOK.

  2. I like how economic concerns are constantly shut down for conversations like women running for elected offices. Really goes to show which women are being considered in this discussion (hint: it’s not the ones selling their labor power in order to subsist). Also, al members in this group seem to be fully engaged with the discussion, emotionally as well as mentally.

  3. Hey I’m really into human rights and global feminism as well. I really enjoyed hearing your perspective in the video. I also write about feminism on my blog. Here is an article on Nigeria’s recent ban on female genital mutilation.

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