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“It is incredibly important that people within the progressive movement and Democratic Party realize that women are sick of this” stuff, said Erin Matson, a Virginia-based abortion rights activist, “and we’re not going to take it anymore.” (She used a more pungent word than “stuff.”) “What Bernie doesn’t seem to realize,” she added, “is that the abortion rights movement has really bucked up and gotten some tough ovaries in the last couple of years.”

— “At a ‘Unity’ Stop in Nebraska, Democrats Find Anything But,” The New York Times

Feminism is an action agenda to secure the social, legal and political equality of women. Supporting policies and practices that help that agenda is what makes a person a feminist. The concept of a pro-life feminist is untenable because restrictions upon abortion deny women their agency as moral decision-makers and dignity as human beings.

A person can choose never to have an abortion and still be a feminist. But a person cannot privilege the potential of birth over the humanity of other women and be a feminist. This is truer where injustice for women is systemic and pregnancy and parenthood wield dramatic changes to a woman’s health, finances and family.

Ms. Parker seems confused not just by what it means to be a feminist but also by what it means to be conservative. Truly — at least for those who accept that women are people — how is intervening in the most intimate and encompassing aspects of people’s lives conservative?

— “A pro-life feminist? There’s no such thing.” The Washington Post