Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is A Rock Star

Recently, Justice Elena Kagan gave a speech honoring Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is moving and wonderful. You can watch it here.

The speech gives those of us who identify as feminist a lot to think about. In particular, I noticed the reoccurring theme of the strategic approach Justice Ginsburg used in her career before becoming a judge: the way she chose which issues to work on, prepared immaculate arguments, and waited for the perfect moments to act.

Toward the end, Justice Ginsburg herself speaks, touching on how rewarding it is to work on something larger than yourself, in her case, the cause of working toward equality for women. We are so lucky to have this rock star in the highest court.

5 thoughts on “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is A Rock Star

  1. M. E. G.

    ♥ We are indeed. How wonderful would it be for her to last long enough on the court to serve with four other female justices. By 2018, it might be a reality.

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