2 thoughts on “Video: October 2014 To The Contrary Appearance

  1. Melisa Churchill

    Ms. Matson,
    I saw some of your discussion today on to the contrary, and I come away thinking that the war on women and your subjective views, are a solution looking for a problem. It seems without strife and controversy you fear being marginalized like someone, even when it appears women of mature thought agree across party lines, who won’t accept conformity. Having a 3 page, 30 question consent form will insure feminist will continue to date each other. To continue to blame Republicans for what you perceive is a “War on Women” is laughable and sad, because it shows your far left fringe liberal bias. That is sad because it means that by your thinking, Obama and the Democrats have done more for women then anyone in history. Fair pay? Kennedy passed in 1963. Obama lies when in fact in his own White house, women earn 11% less. Less women are working today than in 2009. More women on food stamps than any other time in history. 27% more women than men will lose hours and healthcare under the ACA. Obama over reach now takes record of women’s contraceptives on master data bases. I will monitor my own sex life, I work 45 hours each week, run my own business, run our household and take care of our 4 children. And admit I was so wrong, and ashamed that I fell for the shiny new object and voted for Barack Obama. I can’t go back, but I can and will make better choices for my self and our family going forward. Take responsibility of your own life, before the next shiny object blurs your vision

  2. Henry Robertson

    My word!! I saw you on PBS today and please update yourself if you want to preach, the hairdo is horrid. And keep those hands down!!! Between both I could see no other! I never comment but think this necessary!

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