Video: October 2013 To The Contrary Appearance

I appeared as a panelist on this week’s To The Contrary. We discussed decriminalizing prostitution; women, the government shutdown and the Republican party; and a new book by the president of Barnard College, Debora Spar, that urges women to stop trying to “have it all.” You can check out the video here or here:


3 thoughts on “Video: October 2013 To The Contrary Appearance

  1. Erin, watched the show. So glad you feel we should decriminalize prostitution. Why, oh why does the media and the feminists keep using prostitution and trafficking language as if it were the same. One is voluntary the other not. Thanks for being brave enough to say that on public television.

    1. erintothemax

      Thanks, Marilyn, it feels good to stand up and let myself be counted for what I believe is right. It is unfortunate some feminist spaces do not allow this conversation to take place for fear of reopening old controversies. That I am 33 and the controversies predate my birth lends additional perspective. People have different thoughts about this issue and should be encouraged to explore them.

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