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Today’s Young Left Feminists Smeared From Within, Again

Katha Pollitt has a new piece up at The Nation taking the left, and in specific “today’s young left feminists” to task for, as she sees it, not considering seriously enough the questions of equality and male dominance when advocating for the rights of sex workers. I’m sick of this. Let me introduce myself. I have, throughout my […]


Video: Abortion Is A Life-Saving Act

I recently appeared on The Square Circle, and toward the end of the show panelists are given an opportunity to speak to what they believe is an underreported story from the week. Imagine my surprise when the woman before me offered up a story about and her opposition to an art display at the University […]

Why Must We Disagree With Successful Women?

Sheryl Sandberg has a new campaign. Beyonce has a sexy dance at the award show. A woman is running for political office. And, reliably, in every instance, you will hear women’s advocates disagree with what she is doing. This should happen for the simple fact that women are not all the same, and we don’t all […]

Cosmo Says Male-Dominated Workplaces Are Great Places To Score A Date

For decades, Cosmopolitan magazine has been enthusiastically converting the mainstream, feel-bad-about-yourself mythology of girl-meets-guy into a mainstream, monthly infection. You’re supposed to only want guys (duh), and be validated through men (it’s so exciting!), and make yourself pretty so he’ll like you (eat a smaller lunch and tone those glutes!) and taking this matter into […]

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Working With Police: How To Get A Permit For Your Demonstration

The modern women’s movement, as connected by the Internet, is damn good at identifying the need for physical, in-person demonstrations and getting people to show up for them. As a general matter, however, there is less confidence in getting permits, working with police and the logistical side of getting boots in the streets. This process […]

Swapping Oppressions Is Bad Organizing: Why “Fitch The Homeless” Is No Good

Let’s say the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch explains that his stores don’t sell clothing for larger women, while they do for men, because they only want to market to “the cool kids.” This is outrageous and worthy of action, something many of us have done (myself included – here’s my open letter about eating disorder […]

Embarrassment Is A Powerful Tool For Social Change

Today Minnesota will become the twelfth state, in addition to the District of Columbia, to remove discrimination against lesbian and gay people from its marriage laws. Just last year, it was the first state in the nation to defeat a ballot initiative that would have amended its constitution to ban marriage between same-sex couples — […]

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